Phantasmagoria II:  Win 95 ONLY to DOS Patch

This is a repack of Sierra's original Windows 95 to DOS
patch for Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of the Flesh.

The original patch was released so that people who had the Windows 95
only version of the game could play it in DOS instead.

The original patch doesn't work in Windows XP because
of outdated calls in the batch files. All I've done is
to rewrite the batch file to let you use the patch in
Windows XP. This is necessary because the Windows 95
version doesn't work in XP, but the DOS version does.

You can download the updated patch files here:

Be sure to read the XP-Patch.txt file before installing the patch.


Disclaimer: This patch is intended only for people who own an original copy of this game.
Do not under any circumstances include it in any illegal "warez" release.  There is no
guarantee that this patch will work on your particular system, and I am not liable in any
way for any problems that may result in your use of it.  I have only used this patch in
Windows XP Professional.  I don't know if it works in Windows XP Home.